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The Value of Reflexivity in Our Work

Development work is a challenge regardless of where you are or who you are working with. Any successful intervention is rooted in a deep understanding

Santa Apolonia

Xesajcap II

Community Life: Xesajcap II was founded in 2007 by 27 Maya Kaqchikel families when their original village of Xesajcap was divided into two due to


Community Life: Xesajbin was founded about 70 years ago by a family from Totonicapán that bought land belonging to the Municipality of Santa Apolonia. This family

Santa Apolonia


Community Life: Xepanil was founded forty years ago by 22 Maya Kaqchikel families. Since then, the village has grown to 125 families. The first infrastructure


Community Life: Xecubal is a village located 2 miles from the municipal seat of Santa Apolonia. 95 families are part of this community, approximately 570

Santa Apolonia


Community Life: Xeabaj is located four miles away from the county seat of Santa Apolonia. The entire population is Kaqchikel and is comprised of 250

Santa Apolonia

San Lucas

Community Life:  San Lucas is located three miles from the municipal seat of Santa Apolonia and has a population of 60 families. The primary productive

Santa Apolonia


Community Life: The community of Parajbey is made up of 200 Maya Kaqchikel families. The village was founded by two families-the Tubacs and the Ajtzacs-in

Santa Apolonia


Community Life: Panatzan was founded 80 years ago by four Maya Kaqchikel families. Now, the village has grown to include a mixture of 235 Ladino


Community Life: Pachaj was founded 80 years ago. Since then, the village has grown to 50 families. 100 percent of the population are evangelicals and