Films Featuring Aldea

hope for water

Hope for Water follows one of our partner communities, San Vicente, on part of their journey with ALDEA and ABPD to improve their health and well-being. The film documents the potable water component of our integrated program from start to finish, as community members go from spending hours every day carrying and sanitizing water to turning on the taps in their homes. It also features the installation of our first solar-powered water pump. Hope for Water shows the tremendous team effort needed to implement a successful water project and the difference having access to potable water makes in the lives of these rural Guatemalan families.

Film by Piaf Producciones.

It Takes a Village

This 2017 documentary by The Visionaries, a public television series, tells a story that begins with ALDEA’s founder, Dr. Carroll Behrhorst, who realized 50 years ago that rural Guatemalans have the capacity to solve their own development problems. Capturing ALDEA’s continued focus on empowerment, the episode highlights two communities at different stages of building a healthier future through clean water, sanitation, hygiene, food security, and nutrition.