Dr. Carroll Behrhorst Legacy Society

The Dr. Carroll Behrhorst Legacy Society honors those who partner in our work with indigenous communities in rural Guatemala through a gift in their wills or estate plans.

"Working as a medical student at the Behrhorst Clinic in 1979 had a profound and lasting impact on my worldview. Elaine and I returned to Guatemala for the first time in January 2016 on the ALDEA tour, and we were so impressed to see Doc Behrhorst’s original principles still guiding this vital work. We are thrilled to make a financial commitment to ALDEA and to support the fulfillment of Doc’s vision for strong, healthy Mayan communities."

Dr. Bruce Robbins with Dr. R. Elaine Hanson - Legacy Society Members

Become a Legacy Society member today!

Below are three examples of ways to set up a planned gift to ALDEA. We recommend you consult your financial or legal advisor to determine the option that’s right for you.

  • Name ALDEA as a beneficiary of an insurance policy, IRA, or another retirement account—specify a dollar amount or a percentage. This does not require a will or trust, and the benefits to ALDEA are tax-free! 

  • Create a “Totten trust” or “payable on death” account at a bank or other financial institution, naming ALDEA as the beneficiary to receive the funds remaining in the account on your death.

  • Make a bequest to ALDEA in your will or trust.

let us know

Let us know your intent by submitting our Declaration of Intent Form or checking the box on one of our donation envelopes; or contact Arianne at (929) 274-3098 or [email protected]. And if you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

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