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The Value of Reflexivity in Our Work

Development work is a challenge regardless of where you are or who you are working with. Any successful intervention is rooted in a deep understanding



Community Life The largest of our partner communities to date, Xepatán is comprised of 380 families. Although no official census exists, the population is estimated



Community Life:  About 100 Maya Kaqchikel families live in Saquiyá. Its total population is approximately 525 people, more than half of whom are children and


La Trompeta

Community Life: La Trompeta was founded 55 years ago by four Maya Kaqchikel families. Since then, the village has grown to 175 families. The community


El Garabato

Community Life: El Garabato is a small Maya Kaqchikel village nestled in the mountainous highlands of Guatemala. The village is located nine miles from the