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Running Through ALDEA’s Work

On November 29, ABPD’s Executive Director Paco Enríquez and ABPD staff challenged themselves to travel by foot, bike, and car through all the municipalities where


The Value of Reflexivity in Our Work

Development work is a challenge regardless of where you are or who you are working with. Any successful intervention is rooted in a deep understanding

Santa Apolonia

Xesajcap II

Community Life: Xesajcap II was founded in 2007 by 27 Maya Kaqchikel families when their original village of Xesajcap was divided into two due to


Community Life: Xesajbin was founded about 70 years ago by a family from Totonicapán that bought land belonging to the Municipality of Santa Apolonia. This family

Santa Apolonia


Community Life: Xepanil was founded forty years ago by 22 Maya Kaqchikel families. Since then, the village has grown to 125 families. The first infrastructure


Community Life: Xecubal is a village located 2 miles from the municipal seat of Santa Apolonia. 95 families are part of this community, approximately 570

Santa Apolonia


Community Life: Xeabaj is located four miles away from the county seat of Santa Apolonia. The entire population is Kaqchikel and is comprised of 250

Santa Apolonia

San Lucas

Community Life:  San Lucas is located three miles from the municipal seat of Santa Apolonia and has a population of 60 families. The primary productive

Santa Apolonia


Community Life: The community of Parajbey is made up of 200 Maya Kaqchikel families. The village was founded by two families-the Tubacs and the Ajtzacs-in

Santa Apolonia


Community Life: Panatzan was founded 80 years ago by four Maya Kaqchikel families. Now, the village has grown to include a mixture of 235 Ladino