News and Program Updates


Clean Water for Families in Chijacinto

Months of hard work have finally paid off in Chijacinto, Tecpán. A few months back the community came together to collaborate with ABPD on a


Adapting Methodologies to New Contexts

COVID-19 has had a major impact on rural communities across Guatemala and our partner communities are no exception. As a response to the COVID-19 pandemic


What’s New in 2022

At ABPD we have a start to 2022 full of activities, which we are fortunate to be able to carry out in the communities in


Measuring Progress in Chijacinto

The pandemic has let up enough in Guatemala to allow our staff to return to leading nutrition education sessions in communities in Tecpán and Comalapa


Empowering Youth in Chijacinto

The youth of Chijacinto are continuing forward with their small laying hen business. Little by little this project is becoming profitable and sustainable, using the


Chijacinto, Tecpán

Chijacinto is a village of 80 families, or approximately 504 people. The community was founded in 1893 by 6 families. It is located 22.5 miles