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New Masculinities in Simajuleu

In Simajuleu, men continue their training on the topics of inclusion and rights, as well as the cultivation of coffee to increase their income and


Empowering Youth in Chijacinto

The youth of Chijacinto are continuing forward with their small laying hen business. Little by little this project is becoming profitable and sustainable, using the


Clean Water in Xenimiquín

The water project in Xenimiquín has finally been finished, including a chlorination system that will give residents not only with water piped directly to their

Santa Apolonia

Xesajcap II

Community Life: Xesajcap II was founded in 2007 by 27 Maya Kaqchikel families when their original village of Xesajcap was divided into two due to


Community Life: Xesajbin was founded about 70 years ago by a family from Totonicapán that bought land belonging to the Municipality of Santa Apolonia. This family



Community Life The largest of our partner communities to date, Xepatán is comprised of 380 families. Although no official census exists, the population is estimated

Santa Apolonia


Community Life: Xepanil was founded forty years ago by 22 Maya Kaqchikel families. Since then, the village has grown to 125 families. The first infrastructure