Bringing Water to Xetonox

We recently held held the cornerstone ceremony for the potable water project in Xetonox, one of our partner communities in Comalapa. Once completed, the potable water system will benefit more than 100 families, improving their overall health and eliminating the need to travel long distances to bring water to their homes. This project will be the 85th of its kind to be undertaken by ABPD and their partner communities in the last 16 years. Sustainability and efficiency are always on our mind at ADLEA and the solar powered water pump that this system will be equipped with is a testament to that value. The first we have installed in Comalapa, this pump will simplify maintenance procedures, reduce the cost of upkeep for the community, and reduce pollution. We would like to thank the community for their dedication to investing in such an important piece of infrastructure for their families, the municipal government of San Juan Comalapa for all their support for this project, and to the Rotary Club of Antigua Guatemala and Rotary International for providing funding for this project. This project exemplifies how we can do great things when we work together rather than independently.