Investing in Youth for Sustainable Futures

Youth projects supported by ABPD are an integral part of the sustainability of the work we do. Our objective is to mobilize communities to take charge of their own development and successfully build prosperous futures. Training youth in topics such as leadership, gender equity, human rights, among other, serve to build their knowledge base as they grow into the community leaders of tomorrow. We support groups of youth that participate in ABPD programs in starting small businesses as a part of this process as well. These ventures provide supplementary income for participants’ families and affords youth an opportunity to gain valuable experience working together to design, implement, and monitor the progress of a project that will allow them to step into leadership roles prepared for what’s to come and with the knowledge and experience necessary to tackle challenges that arise. ABPD has supported several successful youth-led small businesses including several laying hen projects, a business raising cattle, and, most recently, an enterprise selling string to produce textiles. Each project is designed to become financially self sufficient in a short period of time, allow for sustainable income, and have the potential to scale up. Investing in youth lays the foundation for empowered communities for generations to come and we are proud to be able to support the youth in our partner communities.