A Holistic Method to Improving Nutrition

Nutrition is a key factor influencing many health outcomes. ABPD facilitates workshops to provide the families of partner communities with the knowledge and skills necessary to ensure that their loved ones have adequate nutrition. However, securing access to adequate nutrition goes beyond teaching the theoretical base of nutrition. The ability to produce nutritious foods for consumption can be far more complicated to obtain. Modern agricultural practices require large amounts of land and significant inputs of time and money in the management of crops and application of chemical pesticides and fertilizers in order to produce sufficient yields to sustain a family throughout the year, making food production far out of reach of many families. ABPD supplements nutrition workshops with trainings in traditional agricultural methods that require less financial investment, regenerate soils resulting in the reduction in need for fertilizers and can produce denser and more varied harvests. In this way, ABPD sets the foundation for families to access healthy foods in a way that is realistic and sustainable, allowing them to work within their means to build their capacity to produce and use crops that contribute to adequate nutrition.