We’re Running Up to Giving Tuesday!

ALDEA’s partner organization in Guatemala, ABPD, is Running up to Giving Tuesday – and challenging our supporters to raise $48,000 for healthy families!

On November 29, ABPD’s Executive Director Paco Enriquez will travel by foot through all the municipalities where ALDEA and ABPD have partnered with communities since 2006, with the ABPD staff supporting him at every step. In support of this effort, our Boards and Advisors will FULLY MATCH all donations made online or postmarked through November 29 until we reach their goal!

During the journey, he’ll be traveling through the following municipalities:

  • The first stop on Paco and the ABPD team’s journey is Patzún. This municipality has a rich history dating back to its founding during the 12th century. 95% of its population is of Indigenous ancestry, dispersed throughout the municipality’s 14 villages and 23 smaller communities. ALDEA & ABPD partnered with 34 communities in the municipality from 2006 to 2017. On our website, learn more about the work that helped reduce chronic malnutrition among children by half in Saquiyá.
  • The second stop is Tecpán. Known as the first capital of Guatemala, it holds significant historical and cultural importance in the country. The municipality has 34 villages and 17 smaller communities with a total population of 91,972. A highlight of our partnership with the local government and communities in Tecpán, which began in 2017, is the construction of our first-ever solar-powered water pump in San Vincente.
  • Next, they will reach Santa Apolonia, a smaller municipality with only 18,540 inhabitants in 17 villages and 18 smaller communities. The area is known for its handicrafts, mainly its pottery. ALDEA and ABPD worked with the municipality from 2013 to 2019, partnering with 18 communities to improve health and well-being. In the village of Xepanil, we were able to reduce the rate of chronic childhood malnutrition by 20 percentage points – from 90% to 70% in two years.
  • Paco and the ABPD team will near the finish line when they reach San Juan Comalapa! This municipality is known as the “Florence of the Americas” thanks to the talented indigenous painters in the area. Founded in 1540 as a regional seat for Franciscan convents, Comalapa is currently home to 7 villages and 21 smaller communities.ALDEA and ABPD began partnering with the municipality of San Juan Comalapa in 2019 and continue work there today. One special highlight: working with 55 Xiquín Sanahí families on family planning and empowerment.
  • The final stop on Paco and the ABPD team’s journey is the municipality of San Martín Jilotepeque, located in the Guatemalan altiplano. It was home to the Kaqchikel kingdom of Chajoma, whose capital city’s ruins can still be seen today at the archeological site of Jilotepeque Viejo. We worked with this municipality from 2001-2011.

It takes about $1,600 to cover all costs associated with having a family complete our full three-year program in Guatemala. For $48,000 we can support 30 families, and with the matching funds we can impact up to 60 families with clean water, more efficient stoves, nutrition programs, leadership training, and much more.

Donate now by 11:58 p.m. Tuesday, November 29, so your gift can be matched!