San Juan Comalapa

Called the "Florence of Americas"

Sometimes referred to as the “Florence of the Americas” due to the many indigenous painters found in this municipality, San Juan Comalapa is located in a small valley surrounded by forested hills with an average elevation of 7,000 feet above sea-level. Founded in 1540 as a regional seat for Franciscan convents, San Juan Comalapa is currently home to 48,597 people, of whom 97.2% are of Mayan ancestry. In addition to its capital of the same name, the municipality includes 7 villages and 21 hamlets. The majority of the Comalapa’s 47 square miles consist of the valley’s flatlands, ideal for agriculture. Some of the municipality’s primary agricultural exports include wheat and corn, but it is also known for its production of wood furniture. ALDEA and ABPD began partnering with the municipality of San Juan Comalapa in 2019.

have a female as primary decisionmaker
0 %
do not have access to electricity
0 %
use wood burning stoves for cooking
0 %
use a latrine
0 %
do not have access to running water in the home
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Stories From San Juan Comalapa

ALDEA/ABPD Partner Communities in San Juan Comalapa

Agua Caliente

Cojol Juyú



Xiquín Sanahí