known as the 'first capital of Guatemala'

Located in the Central Altiplano region at an average elevation of about 6,800 feet above sea level, the Municipality of Tecpán is of significant historical and cultural importance in Guatemala. The municipal capital, the city of Tecpán, was founded in 1525 and served as the first capital of Guatemala. The municipality is also home to the ruins of the Mayan city of Iximché, the capital city of the Kaqchikel. The municipality occupies a total of 125 square miles with a total population of 91,972. Tecpán’s residents are dispersed amongst the city of Tecpán, 34 villages, and 17 hamlets, and 92.5% are of indigenous descent. Tecpán’s economy is primarily driven by agriculture, with products such as cheeses, chorizos, vegetables, and legumes typically produced. The municipality is also an exporter of textile products, primarily cotton-based, such as sweaters, bedspreads, and shawls. The municipality is notable for its temperate climate, with frost not uncommon at dawn and dusk and moderate temperatures during the day. ALDEA and ABPD began partnering with the municipality of Tecpán in 2017.


have a female as primary decisionmaker
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do not have access to electricity
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use wood burning stoves for cooking
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use a latrine
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do not have access to running water in the home
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