News and Program Updates


Running Through ALDEA’s Work

On November 29, ABPD’s Executive Director Paco Enríquez and ABPD staff challenged themselves to travel by foot, bike, and car through all the municipalities where


We’re Running Up to Giving Tuesday!

ALDEA’s sister organization in Guatemala, ABPD, is Running up to Giving Tuesday – and challenging our supporters to raise $48,000 for healthy families! On November


Improving Sanitation in Paxorotot

In order to reduce pollution caused by the water that will be used in cooking, washing and bathing once the potable water system in Paxorotot


Hygiene in Agua Caliente

Hygiene is essential in reducing the risk of childhood malnutrition, especially the adequate disposal of human waste to limit vectors and contamination of water and


Cookstoves in Cojol Juyú

A few weeks ago the materials needed for the construction of efficient cookstoves were delivered to the community of Cojol Juyú and now we can


New Masculinities in Simajulehu

In Simajulehu, men continue their training on the topics of inclusion and rights, as well as the cultivation of coffee to increase their income and


Xecoxol, Tecpán

Located 11 miles from the municipal seat in the northern part of Tecpán, Xecoxol was founded around 1920 and is home to 415 families. The


Palima, Tecpán

Palima was founded around 1960 and currently is home to 90 families. The community is located 16 miles from the municipal seat in the northern


Palamá, Tecpán

Located in the northern part of Tecpán, Palamá is a relatively large community with a population of 1,752 people. It was founded in 1908 and