New Masculinities in Simajulehu

In Simajulehu, men continue their training on the topics of inclusion and rights, as well as the cultivation of coffee to increase their income and ability to support their families. Our support of community empowerment is a multifaceted approach that works to expand incomes, educate residents about their rights, promote cooperation and civic participation for the good of all in the community.

Men in rural communities participate very actively in the development of their villages and families, leading important processes. ABPD, while at the same time working with women and youth so that they may also access leadership positions, train men in more inclusive leadership based on the equity of rights within the community, respect for their families and knowing how to listen to the entire population when it is time to make decisions that affect them in order to build communities where everyone has a voice that is considered.

An important aspect of our community empowerment efforts is a program titled “New Masculinities.” This program aims to educate men about the themes mentioned above as well as the damage that machismo culture causes to both women and men, strategies for healthy communication in the household, how to be good role models for their children and family members and more supportive partners to their spouses. Empowering women and youth requires the involvement and commitment of the entire community and benefits all. New Masculinities supports men in making positive changes in their behaviors and values for the good of their entire families.