An important commercial hub

Chimaltenango is located in a valley criss-crossed by 6 rivers with an average elevation of 5,900 feet above sea-level. The city was founded in 1526 as a military base and is currently home to 97,000 people, of whom 39.4% are of Mayan ancestry. Chimaltenango’s strategic location between Guatemala City and Quetzaltenango, Guatemala’s two largest cities, positions it as an important commercial hub in the region. In addition to its capital of the same name, the municipality includes 4 villages and 12 hamlets. The majority of Chimaltenango’s 33 square miles are apt for agricultural production. Some of the municipality’s primary agricultural exports include corn and barley, but it is also known for its production of pottery and textiles. ALDEA and ABPD began partnering with the municipality of Chimaltenango in 2022.

have a female as primary decisionmaker
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do not have access to electricity
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use wood burning stoves for cooking
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use a latrine
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do not have access to running water in the home
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Stories From Chimaltenango

ALDEA/ABPD Partner Communities in Chimaltenango


El Rosario

El Durazno

Santa Isabel