2018 - Communities Help Inform a New Strategic Plan

ALDEA and ABPD operated under 3-year strategic plans from 2012 to 2018 that targeted chronic childhood malnutrition in Chimaltenango through the integrated approach.

In 2018, ALDEA and ABPD developed a revised and ambitious five-year strategic plan, with further refinements of the integrated approach. Importantly, the process began with visits to speak with community members, to understand their experiences and ideas for program improvement. Our strategic planning process is a reflection of who we are: a learning organization that stays true to our roots. In our 50-year history, we have always sought to develop, adapt, and transform ourselves in response to the needs and aspirations of our staff and our partner communities.

The overwhelming message during this process was that our programs are working well. We did not need to change the core of our earlier plan, but there were areas where our approach should be intensified. As a result, our integrated approach was modified and strengthened in these ways:

  • Expanded the program to 3 years to provide more time to strengthen empowerment and leadership training of women, men and youth
  • Created a more structured process for youth leadership development
  • Developed “New Masculinities,” a men’s program to complement women’s empowerment and improve men’s engagement in community development.

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“Voices Today: History in the Making.” Sonya Fultz, ALDEA board member since 2008.

“Voices Today: History in the Making.” Deb Walters, ALDEA Rotary Committee chair. Overview of the partnership.

ALDEA-ABPD Strategic Plan: FY 2019 – FY 2023