2017 - ALDEA Celebrates 50 Years of Guatemalan Partnership

2017 was a year for celebration — 50 years of Guatemala partnership.

The first celebration was an ambitious 50K walk to raise $50,000. The physically challenging walk began in a partner community of Patzún, ending in Santiago Atitlán. Intrepid hiker Paco Enriquez, ABPD executive director, said that this walk was a “way to express solidarity with women in communities in which we work, who each day exert tremendous strength in order to carry water and firewood for hours for the well-being of their families.”

In June, the Antigua Celebration gathered friends from far and near, to celebrate together.

In the Fall, It Takes a Village, a documentary about ALDEA’s work, was produced by the Visionaries Public Television series.

As Jonathan Maupin, ALDEA’s vice president, stated as we celebrated, “ALDEA celebrates longevity as well as continuity in purpose.” Patricia O’Connor, board president, added, “And we keep learning, with our most important teachers being villagers themselves.”

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