1962 – The Behrhorst Clinic is Founded

Dr. Behrhorst founds a vitally needed medical program in Chimaltenango for the Kaqchikel Maya, the Behrhorst Clinic and “Hospitalito.”

It will grow into a creative center for health and community development, pioneering an array of village-based programs.

It was just a matter of time before Doc parted ways with the Lutheran Church and its Antigua-based work. He was now on a trajectory of working with the underserved Kaqchikel Maya, an additional undertaking which the church was unable to fund. Doc took a major risk of finding independent funding, including selling his Kansas home and cashing in his savings and life insurance policies so that he could focus on Chimaltenango.

In Chimaltenango, once-wary people began to turn to the Gringo Doctor, and his mission there began to take shape. He rented a small building near the square to use as a clinic. The modest clinic included space for people from distant villages to spend the night.

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