Change Takes Root

In February, at the request of the Guatemalan Vice President Karen Herrera, ABPD Executive Director Norma Baján organized a summit with the Vice President, local NGOs, and community organizations. The agenda was centered around the discussion of community development projects that address nutrition and education and the potential for collaboration with the Guatemalan government. ABPD’s Johanna Cap had the opportunity to address the room, showcasing our work. She shared how our integrated approach combines empowerment workshops, nutrition education, sanitation infrastructure projects, and sustainable agriculture training to address the root causes of chronic malnutrition.

One month prior, President Bernardo Arevalo’s administration took office after a landslide victory and a contentious transition to power. This summit illustrates the effort being made by the Guatemalan government to engage civil society, strengthen ties, and coordinate efforts to tackle many of the deeply-entrenched issues that Guatemalans face. It also marks a significant milestone for ALDEA and ABPD as we strive to cultivate partnerships and provide platforms for Guatemalans from traditionally marginalized backgrounds to be heard, facilitating access to the tools necessary to build resilient, prosperous communities.

Click the link below to watch Johanna’s presentation at the summit in Spanish.