Outstanding Staff at ABPD

The first half of 2023 was filled with challenges for ALDEA’s Guatemalan partner organization ABPD as staff worked to maintain continuity with program activities while navigating a leadership transition to a new Executive Director. This was no easy feat, but that didn’t stop the staff at ABPD from stepping up and steadying the ship during a time of need. ABPD’s accountant, César Alonzo, Field Staff Supervisors Johanna Cap and José Ajuchán, and Water Technician Julio Caté (not pictured) were all recognized for their extraordinary efforts by the ABPD board at a recent meeting. From supporting communications and visits with donors, to welcoming on a new cohort of community partners, to navigating the daily challenges of implementing a holistic suite of programs in a dynamic environment, this group of staff leaders went above and beyond their usual duties to support our mission. Thanks to tireless work of the ABPD staff, we are able to carry out impactful work with our program participants that strengthens communities for generations to come.