Youth Projects Lead the Way to Bright Futures

Here at ALDEA we recognize that the success of any community depends on the empowerment of youth to cultivate the leaders of tomorrow. We facilitate workshops with youth to expand their knowledge of their rights, civic duty, personal health and hygiene, and leadership skills. In addition, we work with youth to develop productive projects that support participants’ acquisition of experience with project management, budgeting, teamwork, networking, and leadership. These projects also have the potential to provide income to participants that can help with the day-to-day living costs in their families, school expenses, and more. Some of the most recent youth projects include the production and sale of disinfectants for use in the home, the inauguration of a stationary store, a laying hen project, and the raising of cattle for sale. All of these initiatives aim to support the youth in our partner communities, inspire them to invest in their futures, and give them the skills and experience necessary to take on local leadership roles in the years to come.