Clean Water and Renewable Energy in Xetonox

Yet another successful solar-powered water system has been completed in one of our partner communities: Xetonox, in the municipality of Comalapa. This project brings clean water directly to the homes of participating families and serves as an example for neighboring communities that clean, renewable energy is worth investing in. This project has also been a means to build trust and strengthen the relationship between our partner organization ABPD and the families of Xetonox. This project demonstrated the commitment of ABPD to support the community in addressing its most urgent needs and promotes the value of the work that we do, which can contribute to greater participation in other key interventions such as workshops and training sessions on topics from family planning and nutrition to leadership and empowerment. Our hats are off to the community of Xetonox for the long hours of hard work they put in over the past few months to make this dream a reality.