Food Security Fuels Resilient Communities

Essential to our mission of supporting our partner communities in securing the knowledge, experience, and resources necessary to mobilize their populations to tackle challenges facing them and build fruitful futures is ensuring food security. Without access to affordable foods and adequate nutrition, it is exceedingly difficult for one to focus on much more than meeting their most basic needs. A full stomach allows for the energy and peace of mind to break down barriers and build empowered communities.

Our partner organization ABPD implements a number of different techniques to contribute to increased food security in partner communities. Recently, laying hens were delivered to families in the village of Tonajuyú to increase access to protein via the chickens’ eggs. Training was provided on proper feeding and care for the chickens so that this source of protein will continue to bear fruit indefinitely.

ABPD’s agriculture specialists have also been in the field recently working with local farmers to train them in seed selection techniques that will allow them to select for varieties of corn and beans that are better adapted to the climatic conditions of each plot. This will contribute to increased yields and a reduction in the need to bring in agricultural inputs from outside of the community, strengthening the sustainability and self-sufficiency of local farmers.

These sorts of interventions are key to supporting our partner communities in their empowerment and building resilience, making them more prepared to weather the challenges that changing global economic and climatic conditions bring and continue to grow and thrive.