Integrated Techniques for Lasting Change

Our mission in Guatemala centers around combating chronic childhood malnutrition in our partner communities. Infrastructure projects like building latrines and potable water systems play a major role in improving the overall health and hygiene of populations, our agriculture and family gardening programs aim to increase food security and diversify diets. Training programs work to build the capacity of community leaders to provide their families and neighbors with sustainable solutions to the myriad of challenges that they face as a community. All these aspects of our integrated program function in unison to attack the causes of malnutrition at the roots. This approach, though comprehensive as it is, would be incomplete without direct interventions to tackle malnutrition head-on. For that reason, a major focus of our program is the training of mothers and mothers-to-be in a range of topics from exclusive breastfeeding, to preparing nutritious meals, and much more. Our nurses visit dozens of families each week to follow up and reinforce topics covered in training sessions, distribute supplemental materials such as informational pamphlets and vitamins, monitor progress, and evaluate the effectiveness of our methodology. Together, our team and our partner communities support each other in reducing the incidence of chronic childhood malnutrition in rural Guatemala