By the Community, for the Community – Sustainable Programs for Sustainable Futures

In each of our partner communities, community health promoters are key to the sustainability of our programs. These women receive two years of training, preparing them to take the lead once ABPD finishes their program cycle and continue to educate community members and serve as trustworthy sources of accurate information on a variety of topics from food production and nutrition to leadership, women’s rights, family planning, and more. Community health promoters ensure that the skills and knowledge that program participants have gained is put into practice and passed on to the younger generations, deepening the impact of ABPD’s interventions for long-term change.

We believe that communities themselves have the capacity to tackle the challenges they face and should lead the way to a brighter future. Our programs are designed to support program participants in their own development rather than provide top-down solutions. In this way, when our program cycle ends and we step away to engage with new communities, program participants have the tools, experience, and knowledge necessary to continue growing and prospering without our support.