Sustainable Means of Improving Nutrition in Chuachalí

One of ABPD’s strategies as a part of our childhood nutrition program is to provide participants with animal protein. The women from Chuachalí, Tecpán, now have chickens that provide eggs daily to feed their whole families. Another strategy for providing children who suffer from chronic malnutrition access to protein is via the production of goat milk. ABPD works to ensure that the women caring for the goats are properly trained to prevent and treat all types of illnesses that the animals may contract to reach a level of sustainability that will allow them to not need to seek veterinary assistance when complications arise. These strategies, like all of those that we implement, are aimed at supporting communities in constructing self-sustaining solutions to complex challenges, driven by communities’ inputs, and empowering them to secure fruitful futures for their families for generations to come.