Communities Sharing Knowledge in Chajalajyá

Potable water systems require a constant economic investment in order to keep the water pumps functioning. The systems that use solar energy that ABPD implements have enormously reduced costs compared to those systems that rely on gasoline and other non-renewable energy sources. Today, four communities from San Juan Comalapa visited the completed water project in Chajalajyá in Tecpán, that has been functioning under this modality for two years, to see firsthand how these types of systems function. They were able to speak with this village’s Water Committee to learn about the advantages and challenges that come with using systems like these, so that they can make their own decisions as communities about the type of pump systems they will employ in their villages. Thank you to the municipal government of San Juan Comalapa for supporting these communities with their trip to Chajalajyá. After this visit representatives of each of the four communities expressed their interest in implementing solar pumps in their water projects.