Clean Water Arrives at Agua Caliente

Although the project was finished a few weeks ago, today we celebrated a small symbolic inauguration of the water treatment system built in Agua Caliente, San Juan Comalapa. We congratulated the families for their hard work during the past months that resulted in making their dream of providing their families with easy access to clean water a reality. In addition to providing clean water the project also included the construction of gray water filters, latrines and soon the installation of improved cook stoves to reduce the incidence of gastrointestinal and respiratory illnesses in the community. We would like to extend our thanks to the Rotary Club of Antigua Guatemala, Rotary International and the Municipality of San Juan Comalapa for making this project possible.

Through the water and sanitation projects that ABPD implements in Tecpán and San Juan Comalapa, in addition to the construction of infrastructure, community members are trained on proper operation and maintenance of the water systems installed to ensure the longevity of these systems for generations to come. Children and adolescents are also participants in these trainings as they too are important contributors that need to learn about how to use these systems, proper hygiene and how to improve health in their communities.