Cultivating Supportive Communities in Pachichiac

Training has already begun in Pachichiac to educate participants about the theoretical base that will guide their implementation and management of family gardens to be planted in the coming weeks. These women will learn one step at a time how to make their gardens thrive using organic gardening methods and provide an abundance of food for their families. This project not only helps to reduce families’ grocery bill but allows the participants to take on a leadership role in their communities, sharing their knowledge and successes with gardening to help guide their neighbors and extended families as they plant gardens of their own.

Every aspect of our programs is infused with the value of cooperation, community and mutual support. As we work to support communities in reducing the prevalence of chronic childhood malnutrition program participants expand their knowledge base and share their new skills with other community members as they build and strengthen the systems necessary to improve health outcomes. The leaders that come out of these programs rely on the support of their families and neighbors to carry out the work needed to make lasting change. Much like the gardens participants are learning about now, nothing happens in isolation, everything is affected in one way or another by what’s around it and systems working in harmony and symbiosis yield the most fruit.