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COVID-19 Impact and Response

Disaster Risk Reduction

The premise of our climate change strategy is action, not reaction. We are working with communities in adapting our processes to new weather realities so that emergency response doesn’t become our modus operandi. Our new Disaster Reduction Activities (DRR) plan draws on and adapts existing tools and methodologies. DRR activities focus on specific locations, addressing the unique vulnerabilities and capacities of the particular community, its culture, and its processes. Activities include collecting and managing information, analyzing risks based on location, local infrastructure, and resources, and building people’s capacity to determine their own risk, as well as devise and implement risk reduction measures.

Even as we work to adapt to the increase in tropical storms, drought, and other disastrous weather patterns, we have to be prepared to step in when prevention methods fail. Understanding this, ABPD will continue to provide an emergency response when necessary. Such responses include distributing relief supplies, and rebuilding damaged water systems, latrines, schools, and other small infrastructure, in communities that suffer disasters.


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