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Vista Hermosa, Tecpán

Community Life:

  • Vista Hermosa is located 22 miles from the municipal seat of Tecpán, Chimaltenango, and is made up of 65 families.
  • “Vista Hermosa” means “beautiful view” in Spanish. The community was named this way because of its location and views of the mountains.
  • The village was founded in 2008. These families lived in another village and their children had to walk a long distance to get to school, so they started a new community.
  • The primary income activity in the village is the production of corn, beans, French beans and broccoli, as well as some fruit trees such as: peach, plum, lemon, and orange. Some men are also masons or work for farms around the community for $7 a day.
  • There is a school in the village, which offers grades from kindergarten to sixth. About 70 children attend this school.
  • Half of the population is Catholic and half is evangelical.
  • There is a health post in the community where people can receive medical attention once a month for common diseases, as well as vaccinations.
  • All the houses have electricity.
  • Ninety percent of the roads around the village are dirt and they are in good condition most of the year.

Our Partnership:

ABPD/ALDEA started to work in this community in July 2017, and at the time we found 67 percent of the children under 2 years old suffering from chronic malnutrition. We expect a significant reduction in the short term through the implementation of our integrated approach:

  • Community Mobilization and EmpowermentIn Progress (Began July 2017 with completion expected June 2019)
  • NutritionIn Progress (Began July 2017 with completion expected June 2019)
  • Water, Sanitation & HygieneIn Progress The community needs a potable water system, sanitary latrines, gray water filters and efficient cook stoves. We began these infrastructure projects in July 2018, along with the necessary training, and expect them to be complete in December 2018.
  • Food Security (Sustainable Agriculture)In Progress (Began July 2017 with completion expected June 2019)
  • Family PlanningIn Progress (Began July 2017 with completion expected June 2019)
  • Disaster Risk Reduction: In Progress (Began in July 2017 with completion expected June 2019)

Photos by Javier Borrayo


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