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San Vicente, Tecpán

Community Life: 

  • San Vicente is a village located 10 miles from the municipal seat of Tecpán, with a population of 87 families.
  • It was founded 30 years ago and was named “San Vicente” in honor of San Vicente de Paul.
  • The primary income activity in the village is the production of corn and beans, and people also grow potatoes and sweet peas. Another important income activity is laboring in farms around the community, where workers earn an average of Q35 a day (approx. $4).
  • There is school in the village serving pre-school to sixth grade students.
  • 95 percent of the population is Catholic and 5 percent is evangelical.
  • There is a health post in the village where people can receive basic health services twice a week.
  • 80 percent of the families have access to electricity, so the remaining 20 percent still have to use candles during the nights.
  • All the roads to and around the community are dirt.

Our partnership:

We partnered with San Vicente from July of 2017 through June of 2019 to complete the following programs:


Photos by Javier Borrayo

“I am 35 years old and have six children. My life has changed a lot since ALDEA/ABPD came to my community. My children have benefitted from the goat milk, and now they are better nourished. The trainings have helped us feed our children better and now they get sick less often. With the stoves there is no more smoke in the house and we use less firewood.

“The latrines and gray water filters have also helped the children stay healthy. I am very excited about the water project that we are doing now, and I am waiting for the day when it is finished.”

–Hermelinda Tzaj, San Vicente

“I am 25 years old and the mother of two girls and a boy. One year ago ALDEA/ABPD entered my community, and this has changed my life. They are teaching me to value myself as a woman. Before I did not dare to do anything for myself, but now I have learned I can do the things that I set out to do. With the stoves, now we don’t have to go as often into the mountains to find more wood. The latrines help us a lot, because I used to share a latrine with my mother-in-law and now I have my own.

“The gray water filters prevent water from running into the streets and into the houses and this keeps the children from getting sick. In my house this has all been a big help and change.”

–María Quino, San Vicente


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