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Winter: Fund a Village Campaign

We surpassed our goal of raising $140,000 and funding a village by the end of our 50th year!

Now we’re planning to surprise our partners in Guatemala by raising another $42,000 and funding 30 more families! With $23,117 raised, we have $18,883 to go.

Lidia Chonay, from our partner community of Chiquex, wanted to share the message above with you about how important her new gray water filter is to her family’s health. We cannot think of a better way to honor the hard work Lidia and her peers have put into strengthening their communities this year than by enabling more families to take part in our programs. With your help, we can help 30 more families like Lidia’s benefit from gray water filters, properly vented stoves, potable water systems, sanitary latrines, empowerment training and so much more!


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