Clean Water in Paquixic

Water is a vital resource that we all have a right to access. Unfortunately, the reality for many families is that access to water means long, cumbersome journeys to far-off water sources to bring back a limited supply for a day’s use. This has been the case for many of the residents of the community of Paquixic, San Juan Comalapa. For years community leaders have knocked on countless doors in search of funding to improve their potable water system, but to no avail. After a long journey, the community authorities were finally put in contact with ABPD. Now, thanks to the support of our generous donors, we are in the process of drilling a well in the community that will provide its population with an abundance of water that will be piped directly to the homes of participating families. We are off to a good start, having already drilled to a depth of 480 feet! Soon we will finish drilling and begin work on the construction of a potable water system. Click here to learn more about the water systems we build and the other projects ALDEA and ABPD carry out in Guatemala.