Clean Water for Families in Chijacinto

Months of hard work have finally paid off in Chijacinto, Tecpán. A few months back the community came together to collaborate with ABPD on a potable water project that would make the dream of providing every household in the village with direct access to clean, drinkable water a reality. Community volunteers, professionals hired from outside the community, and heavy machinery worked in unison to safely construct the filtration, purification, and distribution systems and install plumbing that reaches each home in the community. Now the families in the village have clean, running water 24 hours a day without having to spend large amounts of their time and energy to carry water to their homes from a distant river or stream. This project not only directly contributes to improving the health and well being of families, but also frees up substantial amounts of time that can be dedicated to activities that further the community’s development. A big thank you to all of the community members of Chijacinto that worked so hard to complete this project!