Clean Water Arrives at Palima

It has been a long road to completion, but at the beginning of March the potable water system in Palima, Tecpán, was finally completed. Now families in the community have clean, drinkable water piped directly to their homes. Community members that will serve as the technicians that will operate and maintain the system have also been trained in the proper use of potable water, how to maintain the system without the need to rely on external help, and proper measurement and application of chlorine to water entering the system. This project will not only improve the health of the community by reducing the risk of contracting gastrointestinal illnesses but will also free up a significant amount of time that previously was dedicated to carrying water from the nearest water source to homes and can now be invested in activities that can strengthen the well being, livelihoods, education, and empowerment of families. Thank you to the municipal government of Tecpán and the donors that made this project possible!