What’s New in 2022

At ABPD we have a start to 2022 full of activities, which we are fortunate to be able to carry out in the communities in Tecpán and Comalapa. We are hoping to keep up this pace all year without being held back by the pandemic. Let’s start with Chijacinto, Tecpán, one of the most isolated villages we work with, where we are already taking the first steps in their potable water project and have also delivered the materials to begin installing gray water filters in the homes of families participating in the early-childhood nutrition program.

In Paxorotot, Tecpán, we have finished with their potable water system, solar pump, and gray water filters. All that’s left on our list is to install latrines, which we are nearing the completion of. This will be the last step in the sanitation and hygiene aspect of our integrated approach when partnering with communities.

We are nearing the completion of the potable water system in Palima, Tecpán, with the construction of the distribution tank during the coming weeks. This will allow them to join the ranks of our other partner communities with access to potable water, improving health and hygiene and helping children and youth escape the cycle of chronic malnutrition.

A few months ago we completed the construction of the potable water system, latrines, and the installation of gray water filters in Agua Caliente, Comalapa. Currently, we are supporting the village’s families with the construction of improved stoves that, in addition to using less wood, improve the health of families, especially the women who spend a good portion of their day in the kitchen and now don’t breathe in smoke.