Empowering Youth in Chijacinto

The youth of Chijacinto are continuing forward with their small laying hen business. Little by little this project is becoming profitable and sustainable, using the profits from egg sales to purchase the necessary materials and feed to keep the hens happy and healthy, slowly expanding the number of laying hens and thus increasing egg output. This entire experience has allowed these young adults learn about entrepreneurship and the entire process required to create and operate a business. The success of this business model has inspired youth in several of our partner communities to start similar projects.

Youth and community empowerment come in many different forms and is an essential part of our support of partner communities. We believe that putting the youth in the driver’s seat, allowing them to use their knowledge and inspiration to direct their own growth is key to the growth of the next generation of community leaders, conscious of the needs of those around them and with the confidence and passion to lead with integrity, prioritizing the long-term prosperity of their communities.