Clean Water in Xenimiquín

The water project in Xenimiquín has finally been finished, including a chlorination system that will give residents not only with water piped directly to their homes, but water that is safe to drink from the tap. We would like to extend our enormous thanks to the Rotary Club of Antigua Guatemala, Rotary International and the Municipality of San Juan Comalapa for all of the support they provided. Special thanks to the families of the community that have worked so hard for months on end to make their dream a reality.

This is not only a great triumph with regard to hygiene and sanitation, but an act of empowerment that will impact the community in many positive ways. Women and children are traditionally those who are tasked with gathering water and firewood, dedicating several hours each day to these activities. Without the responsibility of having to bring water from the nearest water source to the home, girls can stay in school and women have more time to dedicate to other activities. Additionally, each family that benefits from this water system has signed a document committing to pay a monthly fee that goes to a pooled fund used to finance repairs, routine maintenance and monitoring of the system. This serves as a means to ensure the sustainability of the project and has the added benefit of promoting mutual support at the community level, the value of interdependence and shared responsibility. This project is just one example of how we support partners in strengthening their sense of community and commitment to helping not just themselves and their families, but their whole communities thrive.